Piskaut and Guria vying for the Ultimate Truth

With the clock ticking away, two Papua New Guinea men are on the threshold of success.

With seven days to go, senior Kyokushin Karate martial artists Sailas Piskaut and Karl Guria are preparing in anticipation for the forthcoming Black Belt Grading Conference in Perth, Western Australia.

Both who have committed their lives to the teachings of Masutatsu Oyama will now progress to another stage in this rooted philosophy that is hinged upon self-improvement, discipline and hard-training.

Both who are remnants of the uchi deshi or live-in student program, that was managed by the head of MOKKA (Mas Oyama Kyokushin Karate Association) and former World Champion Sensei Walter Schnaubelt, have continued to follow that pathway.

With Sensei Schnaubelt setting a high bench-mark, it has been a tough road to negotiate at times.

For Piskaut, the New Irelander has been carrying a heavy load.

That has now being eased through his personal commitment to the cause spanning over 15 years.

He will be given just reward when he goes to receive his 2nd Dan Black Belt from Shihan Cameron Quinn, the head of Kyokushin Oceania.

While for Guria, a yellow belt, he will be given the ultimate test to survive a 40-man fight in his bid to gain recognition for his First Dan Black Belt.

The Hevilift employee has been in intense training under the direction of Piskaut over the last three months to prepare for this ultimate test of skill and strength, and in this case, for self preservation more than anything else.

Both took the opportunity to acknowledge the people in the background that have allowed them to pursue their personal goals.

On top of that list is Lae Biscuit Company CEO and prominent PNG businessman Ian Chow, PNG Sports Foundation CEO Peter Tsiamalili Jr, Namatanai MP Walter Schnaubelt, SOS manager Anita Schnaubelt, James T Wong from SAS, Lawrence Rawsim (MRL managing director) and the Post-Courier for their continued promotion of lesser known sports in PNG.

Both will depart on October 17.

John Pangkatana

John Pangkatana

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