Kyokushin kicking drills with Shihan Cameron Quinn

Shihan Cameron Quinn is a renowned figure in the world of Kyokuhin karate having been a translator for founder Masutatsu Oyama, author and trainer.

In this video, Shihan Cameron goes through the basic kicking drills that are usually employed in a Kyokushin class. The techniques are simple but are very effective.

Most Kyokushin students in Papua New Guinea (PNG) who trained under Sensei Walter Schnaubelt and Sempai Bernard Soari consider Shihan Cameron as the grandfather of the art in the country.

Schnaubelt, who is now a politician, trained as an uchi-deshi with Shihan Cameron and became a 7-time Australian heavyweight champion in the full contact karate arena and was rated as one of the top 10 fighters in his era.

As an author, Cameron’s book The Budo Karate of Mas Oyama is said to be one of best on the philosophy of the martial art.

Copies of Shihan Cameron’s book can be found on

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