Kung Fu Wushu PNG unveils logo

Kung Fu Wushu PNG President, Geoff Hui, has today unveiled the new look Kung Fu Wushu PNG logo.

The logo captures the Papua New Guinea colours and the national symbol, the Bird of Paradise as well as the traditional Chinese character for Wushu.

It will be the image of the organization throughout its operations and coincides with its inclusion in the new Oceania Kung Fu Wushu website; http://oceaniakungfuwushu.com/

“Kung Fu Wushu PNG is expanding its presence in PNG and our new logo will be part of our public face,” Hui said.

Enquiries from Kung Fu/Wushu groups about joining Kung Fu/Wushu in PNG can be directed to Geoff Hui at pngpresident@oceaniakungfuwushu.com

Andrew Molen

Andrew Molen

Founder at PNG Warrior
Andrew is the founder of PNG Warrior, photojournalist and martial artist.
Andrew Molen

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