How Real Samurai Warriors Fought

The samurai warrior has been immortalized in film and movies with their impressive swordsmanship and skills. However, most of what is being portrayed is not real. Instead, it is a sensationalized version of the truth, an entertaining twist to techniques and methods that are so simple – they are genius.

In real samurai battles, there was no flashy sword fights with swords clashing in the air and the sound of metal meeting metal. In fact, the samurai sought to end battles the quickest way.

The video below is an example of how real samurai’s fought, the techniques they used and you will it find it surprisingly simple.

The way in which the samurai developed their techniques is also a very handy lesson for the modern martial artists – simplicity. The simplest technique can defeat anything thrown at them.


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Bernard Sinai

Editor at PNG Warrior
Bernard is a student of Kyokushin Karate and a blogger. He believes martial arts has the potential to change people for the better.
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