The Real Drunken Master

Drunken boxing is a style of Chinese kung fu that tries to mimic the movements of an intoxicated fighter. It is not usually associated with Western boxing; however, one such professional boxer adopted the technique and did it so well in the ring that he earned the nickname “The Drunken Master”.

The Drunken Master – Emmanuel Augustus

Emmanuel Augustus is a former professional American boxer who fought out of Texas and earned the nickname for his unconventional method of movement in the ring.

He faced some tough opponents during his professional career and won the IBA light middleweight in 2004. His outstanding resume includes fights with Jesus Chavez, John Molina and Floyd Mayweather Jnr.

Mayweather Jnr. maintains that Augustus was one of the toughest opponents he has fought in the ring.

Highlights and Defensive Skills

In 2014 Augustus was shot and critically wounded by a random shooting and was placed on life support. His health has improved since and is engaged to be married.

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