National Muay Thai belt returned after dispute

The national light middleweight Muay Thai belt has been returned and a rematch is in the works after a dispute was raised, The National (October 12) reports.

Pheonix Promotions Ltd, co-sponsors of the Flash Muay Thai event held on October 2 has reportedly withdrawn the title from John Ake following his win over Alphonse Kauga.

Lee Henry Garap, founder of Flash Muay Thai, said Kauga had appealed the decision, claiming that the fight ended prematurely.

Kauga contended that the referee and judges had erred by awarding the fight on points after only the second of the scheduled five rounds. He argued that the fight had ended prematurely due to time constraints and the win should not have been awarded to either fighter.

Garap said it was an unfortunate error and he does not know what really happened as he was preparing for his title fight. However, he has spoken to the parties concerned and they have agreed to a rematch.

While a date for the rematch has not been finalized yet, Garap has stated that it will most likely take place next year.

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