Chun Yi: The Legend of Kung Fu

I'm with a few friends getting ready to see the show.
I’m with a few friends getting ready to see the show.

Chun Yi: The Legend of Kung Fu is a martial arts musical spectacular that the connoisseur of the oriental arts must take time to see when in Beijing.

The play combines the energetic essence of Kung Fu with opera, acrobatics and comedy, drama and a whole lot more that will leave audiences in awe and wanting more.

The musical relates the story of a young boy, Chun Yi, who is taken to the Shaolin monastery by his mother. At first the boy is hesitant but after seeing the wondrous abilities developed by studying Kung Fu, he becomes eager and joins.

The play takes us through his life journey starting as a boy and then becoming a man and skilled fighter. However, he becomes arrogant and ignores the path he has chosen, falling for temptation and isolating those who mattered to him.

There are 7 parts to the play, and watching it may slip you that the lead alternates between different scenes depending on the performance. However, I won’t spoil the excitement by giving it away but I can tell you that they show what you expect in a Kung Fu show and more.

The audience can take pictures with the cast after the shows for around RMB 20 and martial arts souvenirs can be bought at the front desk including DVDs, t-shirts and others.

The show is at the Red Theater at No. 44, Xingfu daijie, Beijing and prices vary depending on seating arrangement. The middle seats are the most expensive. However, there are tour operators that can get discounts.

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