Kyokushin pulls out of national karate team

PNG Kyokushin Karate has pulled out of the national karate team for the XV Pacific Games next month, Post Courier (June 11, 2015) reports.

According to the report, this includes Sempais Bernard Soari as coach and Sailas Piskaut as athlete, and it is believed that other Kyokushin students who are volunteers and officials may follow suit.

Soari said that PNG Kyokushin is recognized internationally by the International Karate Organization (IKO) and one of the several karate styles affiliated with the PNG Karate-do Federation (PNGKF).

The withdrawal stems from Sempai Soari’s allegation of unfair selection in the karate team which resulted in his student, Atomu Amani, being dropped. He said:

Kyokushin Karate is here to contribute toward Team PNG on merit but we feel the process is debatable and the integrity of what we stand for is at stake.

He said that whilst there is an opening for appeal, Kyokushin Karate has already been rubbed in the mud too far to return back.

Meanwhile, PNGKF president Sensei Carl Mari has refuted what he described as “unfounded allegations” by Sempai Soari.

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Bernard Sinai

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Bernard is a student of Kyokushin Karate and a blogger. He believes martial arts has the potential to change people for the better.
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