Taekwondo PNG announces final team for XV Pacific Games

Coach has confidence in the team.
Coach has confidence in the team.

Taekwondo PNG today announced their final team to represent Papua New Guinea for the XV Pacific Games this year.

They are;


  1. Bobby Willie (54kg),
  2. Maxemillion Kassman (58kg),
  3. Rainner Pennie (63kg),
  4. Henry Ori (68kg),
  5. Jonathan Paschalis (74kg),
  6. Colland Kokin (80kg),
  7. Ivan Kassman (87kg),
  8. Sam Ware (+87kg).

Their reserves are Jack Ninifo (54kg), Steven Tommy (63kg), Anton Aitsi (68kg), Brendan Nema (87kg).


  1. Rose Tona (46kg),
  2. Rahab Loi (49kg),
  3. Theresa Tona (53kg),
  4. Dorris David (57kg),
  5. Stephanie Kombo (62kg),
  6. Noeline Hetana (67kg),
  7. Samantha Kassman 73kg,
  8. Rhoda Bina (+73kg).

Reserve is Lillian Johe.

Taekwondo PNG President, Peter Miria and National Coach, Edward Kassman congratulated those who made the team and urged them including the reserves to maintain their training and fitness leading up to the Games.

Kassman was pleased with their preparations so far and is confident that they can win some gold medals for PNG.

He said.

“Our focus is not the medal but the colour of the medal. Silver and bronze medals can be won but our aim is to get the gold,”

Andrew Molen

Andrew Molen

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