Sensei Wally and Sempai Bernard reconcile after 9 years

After 9 years apart, Sensei Walter ‘Wally’ Schnaubelt and former pupil Sempai Bernard Soari, have officially announced their reconciliation to the public, Post Courier (February 27) reports.

In a press conference yesterday they announced their reconciliation for the good of Kyokushin Karate and said it was time to move forward. Sensei Wally, who heads the country’s Kyokushin headquarters, said:

“The past is the past and to signify our reconciliation it will be celebrated in the best possible way.”

He also said a national tournament was tentatively set for late April or early May.

Sensei Walter, as head of PNG Mas Oyama Kyokushin Karate Association (MOKKA), also said he recognized Erima Dojo operated by Sempai Bernard.

He iterated that Erima Dojo is recognized under the International Kyokushin Karate Organization (IKO) which MOKKA is an affiliate.

Sempai Bernard Soari said the reconciliation is timely as there is a renewed interest in Kyokushin following positive performances in the 6th PNG Games in Lae, the establishment of the Morobe Kyokushin Karate Club and the formation of the New Ireland Province Karate Federation (NIPKF).

Soari will also be conducting a training camp for newly established provincial federation from March 16 – 22 following the successful completion of a camp in Port Moresby recently.

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