Karate athletes need release

The PNG Karate-Do Federation (PNGKF) has voiced its concerns on non-release of athletes to attend training and other related preparations by employers and educational institutions in the country.  The president of PNGKF Carl Mari has said that if these organizations do not release these athletes for training sessions, this will have an adverse effect in Karate’s preparations.  He seeks understanding from stakeholders, including parents and spouses, especially when preparations have revved up this year.

Students make up 55% of the Karate Target Team which was named in January 2015.  They are as follows; Crystal Mari (Port Moresby National High School), Joancherry Revui (Kilakila Secondary School), Gantianna Joseph (Redscar High School), Nigel Bana (Open Campus UPNG),  Gladyskaren Wallace (Hutjena  Secondary School), Beverly Wasawa (Hutjena Secondary School), Quentin Bougen (IT School), Lera Kose (International Training Institute), Gewa Rupa (Socay Hohola Youth Development), Miriam Stanley(Caritas Secondary School), Catherine Wilson (Central College of Distant Education), Ishmael Stanley (Gerehu Secondary School), Jason Kilangit (La Salle Secondary School),Billy Billy Jnr (Anglicare Literacy), Dennis Kopman (Asia Pacific Multi Cultural Institute), Francis Oa Jnr (Tokarara Secondary School), Joan Abala (Kokopo Secondary School),Francis Virgil (Vuvu Secondary School), Maryanne Porika (PNG University of Technology), Phyllis Bibuai (Kaiapit High School), Atomu Amani (PNG Politech College), Peace Kaiwa (Open Campus UPNG) and Braden McMahon (TAFE NSW).

Education is vitally important for every one and it must have priority over most matters; however, sports and physical exercise also play an important role in balancing lives. Therefore, the president pleads with the institutions to make arrangements with the student athletes so that they are not disadvantaged when they leave school for training and/or for international tournaments.

Carl Mari

Carl Mari

President at PNG Karate-do Federation
Carl Mari is President of Papua New Guinea Karate-Do Federation (PNGKF) and a Sandan in Shotokan Karate. He runs the Rock Shotokan Karate Club in Port Moresby.
Carl Mari

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