Taekwondo receives recognition from world body

The Taekwondo Papua New Guinea Federation (TPNGF) is looking forward to a brighter 2014 following an announcement by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) to make PNG a test country.

This means fighters from around the world can come to Papua New Guinea to compete and receive world accredited ratings.

The event is a long awaited relief for the TPNGF as fighters in the country have struggled to know their skill level compared to other countries.

They only found that out when they attended tournaments overseas.

Many fighters spending many years competing at national and international tournaments remain unaware of their ratings against other fighters in the world.

The event, slated for June 21-22 in Port Moresby, will see Taekwondo athletes from all over the world compete to test their skills and increase their ratings in a G-1 rated event.

The announcement was made by committee member and national coach Edward Kassman who was accompanied by the TPNGF newly elected executive treasurer Grace Richards, Secretary Samantha Kassman and national assistant coach, Marceline Nima.

Kassman said the TPNGF’s new approach was to involve more women in executive roles.

On board for 2014 are young and enthusiastic women in Samantha Kassman, Grace Richards and Sylvia Pascoe.  Pascoe is TPNGF vice president and has experience in event management, while Richards is an accountant and Samantha Kassman working for years beside Edward Kassman.

The TPNGF is looking towards professionalism, drive and transparency by putting women in leadership.

Source: The National

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