Karate names 2015 Pacific Games train-on squad

The PNG Karate-Do Federation has named two teams as the 2015 Train-On Squad during the recently held Australasian Karate Festival.  PNGKF had a very big squad that they worked with leading into the selection of Train-On Squad.  The selectors dropped 38 members of the development squad due to various reasons and the rest for future considerations.  The remaining eligible athletes were then slotted into Team A and Team B.

Team A is made up of 34 athletes and they are as follows; Gladys Wallace, Vincent Quintin Bougen, Hillary Waswasa, (Bougainville); Gewa Rupa, Miriam Stanley, Lera Kose, Dominic Sipapi, Naorei Joseph, Joseph Smith Jnr, Francis Oa Jnr, Ismael Stanley, Billy Maino Jnr, Jason Kilangit (Central Province); Francis Vigil (ENBP); Eddie Martin, (ESP); Jacklyn Barney, Maryanne Porika, Suwari Matus, (Morobe Province); Doris Karomo, Crystal Mari, Violet Wangihau, Sarah Ande, Annabel Joseph, Joancherrie Revui, Nigel Bana, Sailas Piskaut, Leonard Geriadi, Cosmas Saliawali, Bernard Sinai (NCD); Atomu Amani, (New Ireland); Kevin Duna, (Northern Province); Peace Kaiwa, Romana Asiange, Ernest Nuli, Nick Ngasele, (WNBP).

Team B is made up of 28 athletes and they are as follows; Cletus Mason, Rolan Morga (Bougainville); John Kajona,  Mckainne Kennedy,  Dennis Kopman,  Gima Peter, Geita Maraga, Cathy Wilson, Terah Efi, (Central Province); Bathshiba Nogo, Llane Munau, Timothy Alovare (EHP); Joan Abala (ENBP); Manu Mekere, Emil Golopau, Franrich Hura, Randolph Mekere, Sebby Desmond, Sebulon Tamur (Morobe Province); Julius Piku, Owen Gigiro, Jason Carl, Theophil Meta, Andrew Molen, Chris P Molok (NCD); Mosley Taitai (New Ireland); Basil Oriri (Northern Province); and Alois Masusulu (WNBP).

There are only 31 spots in Karate in the 2015 Pacific Games and athletes who have been selected have a mammoth task in the next four months to make the final team before it is announced in April 2014.  There will be several more training camps and international competitions for the athletes to horn their skills in before the final team is announced at the end of April 2013.

Also announced after the Australasian Karate Festival was the coaching team comprised of Sensei David Wallace (Kumite & Head Coach), Sempai Willie Leslie (Kata & Speed Coach) and Sempai Bernard Soari (Fitness & Video Analysis Coach).  The three coaches are being mentored by Karate Mentor Coach, Sensei Trevor Roberts.

The Australasian Karate Festival had to be held as it was the first time that PNGKF introduced electronic drawing and scoreboards.  Sensei Lemeki Lenoa from Karate Fiji assisted in installing and trialling the system.  Other overseas technical officials include Sensei Trevor Roberts as Chief Referee, Sempai Alan Key from Shotokan Karate Budokai as referee, Sensei Mark Vele from Goju Karate Brisbane as Referee, Sensei Tony Hails from Ishin Ryu Karate Australia as Kumite Seminar Convenor and referee and Sensei Marj Toossi from Iran Shotokan Karate as Kumite Trainer.  The event was witnessed by Mrs Makarita Lenoa, President of Oceania Karate Federation and Vice President of World Karate Federation.  Other PNG dignitaries who observed the event included Sir John Dawanincurra, President of PNG Olympic Committee, Mrs Auvita Rapilla, Secretary General of PNG Olympic Committee, and Mr Clint Flood, Executive Manager Sports Operations and staff of 2015 Pacific Games Limited, Sensei Walter Schnaubelt and Sensei James Tony Wong.

PNGKF President Carl Mari acknowledges financial assistance from the Sports Minister Hon. Justin TKachenko for the needed assistance through the Sports Enhancement Program, PNG Olympic Committee through the Go 4 Gold Program, Motor Vehicle Insurance, 2015 Pacific Games Limited and Lamana Hotel for discounts on meals and rooms.

Athletes should contact the coaches to obtain their training programs.  Their contact details are; Sensei David Wallace on mobile 73462787, Sempai Willie Leslie on mobile 72776677 and Sempai Bernard Soari on mobile 72792854.

Carl Mari

Carl Mari

President at PNG Karate-do Federation
Carl Mari is President of Papua New Guinea Karate-Do Federation (PNGKF) and a Sandan in Shotokan Karate. He runs the Rock Shotokan Karate Club in Port Moresby.
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