Muay Thai welterweight title fight deferred

The much anticipated Muay Thai welterweight title fight between Papua New Guinea’s Lee “The Flash” Garap and Thailand’s Rangsan Poonsang has been deferred to next week, The National reports.

The match sanctioned by World Kickboxing Federation which was supposed to take place today has been rescheduled for August 9 due to a delay in Poonsang’s visa. The news was announced by Garap on Wednesday.

Garap apologised to the sponsors and supporters for the inconvenience but said it was unfortunately out of his control. However, the extension gives time for the fighters to prepare as one of the fighters in the undercard bout was reportedly injured by a police unit in the city recently.

Rickson Yamo claims to have suffered injuries sustained at notorious Gordon’s market at the hands of police stationed at the McGregor Barracks outside Port Moresby and the extra time might just be what he needs to be fit for the ring.

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Bernard Sinai

Editor at PNG Warrior
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