Kickboxer claims assault by police

PNG Kickboxer Rickson Yamo

A Papua New Guinean (PNG) kickboxer scheduled to fight in an under-card bout this Friday claims he was assaulted by members of a police unit in Port Moresby and might not be able to fight, reports The National.

Rickson Yamo, a Common Wealth Games pugilist and kicboxer who is scheduled to fight on the under-card fight of Lee Garap’s WKBF Muay Thai welterweight bout claims he was beaten by members of the Dog Unit stationed at McGregor Barracks outside the city.

He claims police in three vehicles with the following license plates 074 ZPD, 079 ZPD and 079 LFD were removing illegal vendors at Gordon’s market when the assault took place.

According to Yamo, during the raid police confiscated his nephew’s mobile phone and when he intervened, he was assaulted by at least eight policemen who punched him and whipped with a vehicle fan belt. He alleges they even tried to take his mobile phone.

The incident has left the kick-boxer shaken and unable to trust police. “I don’t think I can trust them anymore and this could cost me a chance to put food on the table if I’m ruled unfit to take the ring,” he said.

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