2nd 2013 Karate Training Camp

Sensei Trevor Roberts
The camp will be facilitated by the Karate mentor coach Sensei Trevor Roberts

The 2nd 2013 Karate Training Camp starts on Saturday 22nd June – 5th July 2013 in Port Moresby.  The camp will be held at Lamana hotel.

The camp will be facilitated by the Karate mentor coach Sensei Trevor Roberts.  All members of the Karate development squad are urged to attend this camp.  PNG Karate-Do Federation (PNGKF) has been running the 2015 Pacific Games targeted training camps since 2012 where all members have been invited to attend the camps.  However, this years’ two-week camp will be the last camp where all members are going to be invited.

The Karate development squad has been divided in three teams; Team A, Team B and Team C.  After this camp only people who make it into Team A will be invited to future camps.  However, members of the teams are not permanent.  If athletes improve in their performance, they can move up to Team A, but the ceiling for Team A is set at forty members and athletes have to perform well in tournaments and previous training camps to be considered for promotion into Team A.

On the same token athletes in Team A and Team B who perform below par will be relegated to Team B or Team C respectively.  Team C are athletes who are at the verge of getting dropped all together and/or would be considered beyond 2015.  This system will be the modus operandi until mid 2014 when the final 2015 Pacific Games Karate team will be announced.

During the camp, PNGKF will run a referees seminar followed by an Oceania accredited examinations for PNG referees.  President Carl Mari expects more than six referee candidates to sit the exams.

PNGKF will also be inviting selected parents, friends and supporters to attend a one day seminar on Karate competition volunteer roles on Sunday 30th July 2013.

Further information on the camp can be obtained by contacting Karate Development Officer, Willie Leslie on mobile 72776677 or Treasurer, Joseph Kubul on mobile 71690504.

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