Kickboxing challenge in Kokopo deferred

Stanley Nandex
Stanley Nandex

Heat 3 of the much anticipated Ox & Palm Kickboxing Challenge in Kokopo has been deferred at the eleventh hour to next Saturday.

According to Papua New Guinea Kickboxing Association (PNGKBA) president, Stanley Nandex, the challenge had to be rescheduled due to some tournament requirements not being met. He said fighters from three provinces were not in the province for the showdown and medicals were not done on time.

He said he needed to see if these fighters are eligible and qualify to fight under semi-professional rules, and his particular concern was their experience.

Nadex said the fighters did not get any briefing on the rules and point scoring system nor did he receive any information on how many fighters were competing along with their weight and division.

He said the lack of these vital data forced the challenge to be rescheduled especially when dealing a risky sport like kickboxing.

It is a risky sport and if we don’t follow the procedures and requirements, we put ourselves at risk.

As a promoter and head of the kickboxing in the country I must safeguard the interests of the organisation, sponsors, organizing committee and the international body to ensure that the proper criterion is followed.

Nandex thanked the organising committee and sponsors for their outstanding contributions to prepare for the event, and also apologised to the Kokopo community, sponsors and other executives for the deferral.

The former World Champion kickboxer also appealed to presidents of the provincial kickboxing associations to contact the chairman, Emmanuel Laplaire on (+675) 7202 4446 or Bob Jenson on (+675) 7230 6464 to sort out any technicalities.

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