Shaolin Kung Fu classes suspended

Formal classes of the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Chin Sun Shaolin Wushu club has been suspended due to the recent death of Sifu Stephen Ngandang’s young daughter.

The classes, held at the Sifu’s residence at Gerehu have been put on hold while the master and his family are in mourning. Senior student, Andrew Molen, posted the message on Facebook asking for prayers and spiritual support in their time of need. He also commented that classes would resume shortly after the burial.

“…classes in Port Moresby are in recess following the death of the Sifu’s daughter last Friday. Classes will resume shortly after the burial of the body.”

The team at PNG Warrior also extends their deepest condolences to Sifu Stephen and his family and friends during this time of hardship.

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Bernard Sinai

Editor at PNG Warrior
Bernard is a student of Kyokushin Karate and a blogger. He believes martial arts has the potential to change people for the better.
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