Judo to take the lead

Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) lone Judoka, Raymond Ovinou, will be the first athlete to compete in the London

Raymond Ovinou, PNG's lone Judo Olympian
Raymond Ovinou, PNG’s lone Judo Olympian

Olympics. The 27 year old qualified in the Oceania Judo Championships in Cairns, Australia in April. He finished 3rd after losing to Steven Brown of South Australia which earned him a spot in the World’s largest sporting celebration.

Ovinou will compete under the 66kg in the elimination round at 11pm on Sunday, 29 July, (PNG Time). He will need to precede pass three elimination rounds before qualifying for the finals. Each round is a 5 minute whirlwind of grappling, throws and locks as each Judoka tries to defeat their opponents.

Ovinou also competed in the Judo World Championships last year in Paris, France.

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