The B-Team Synopsis

The synopsis for The B-Team movie has been published on the project’s official website

The setting of the film will in the volcanic East New Britain (ENB), Papua New Guinea (PNG) where a group of archaeologists will uncover remnants of an ancient, highly developed civilization. Among their find will be an amulet with powers that could threaten the world.

When news of the find comes out, the world’s superpowers send out agents to take the amulet, and seeing the eminent danger ahead, the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea sends an SOS to the United States (US) which sees the President deploy a team of specialized military operatives The B-Team (Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson, Michael Jai White & Cynthia Rothrock).

The team comes into PNG under the pretence of filming a movie and in order to fuel the facade bring the family members along.

According to the website, the film will also be a pilot for a TV series.

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