Basil is Taekwondo PNG Patron

Sam Basil is now the patron of Taekwondo PNG
Sam Basil is now the patron of Taekwondo PNG

Bulolo MP and Minister for National Planning Sam Basil, has been given the honor of being the patron of Taekwondo PNG.

Basil is no stranger to the sport having represented the country in the 1995 South Pacific Games. He won a bronze medal despite fighting in a higher weight category. He is a 2nd Dan (black belt degree) holder and a grey belt in Yun Jung Do. [You can read his martial arts profile here.]

Basil, when accepting the patronage, announced the dates for preparations for the 2015 Pacific Games and the 2016 Olympic Games. He said the sport played a big part in his life and he looked forward to working closely with the organization.

He also said prospective for gold medals from the sport were good and that it also developed the individual by building self-confidence and control.

Basil and President of Taekwondo PNG Ila Ower officially launched the poster for the 1st National Taekwondo Championship to be held on the 26 – 27 of May. The event will be used for selection trials for the South Pacific Games and will feature a fight between Teresa Tona and an yet to be named Australian opponent.

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