The Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial art is more than punching, kicking or grappling. It takes a holistic approach to the development of the self. Listed are some of these benefits.

Discipline – the core teachings of martial arts is disciplining, the body, the mind and the spirit. If you have watched martial artists closely you may have noticed that the successful ones are very well disciplined. There are also other developments that come with training.

Martial art also helps with self-esteem issues, confidence, respect and responsibility. As the students’ progress through the grades their perception changes and they start to see their environment differently. They are also given more responsibilities which helps facilitate a sense of belonging.

Some studies of the martial arts even suggest that it is more effective at teaching the proper etiquettes and behaviour to children than the traditional schooling system [read about it here].

Health – being an athletic discipline, it also enhances the body’s physical and mental state and takes a holistic approach to health and longevity. The range of exercises practiced in martial arts give a complete workout of the body.

Training in martial arts also helps to relieve stress and according to some studies have improved the social and psychological health of practitioners. This basically achieved because of the unique approach of martial arts.

Martial arts emphasizes on self-development and knowledge rather than competition. In Kyokushin, kumite (sparring) is used as tool for self-improvement where students learn about their abilities by sparring with their peers – there are no winners or losers in the dojo.

Self Defense – this is probably the main reason people learn martial arts and rightly so. The constant social influences on our society have bred violent criminals who may try to harm us. It is in our benefit that we be able to defend ourselves. However, carry a knife or gun is illegal, hence the best option is self-defense.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of martial arts then I suggest reading the articles listed below.

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  • Outstanding article. I would also add problem solving to the list. Problem solving comes into play when a student has to learn how to make a technique work for them and their body type. This is an attribute they can use throughout their life for many things.

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