PNG Kyokushin Confirms Grading Date

Sempai Samson Benroy
Sempai Benroy and Sempai Silas will officiate the grading in the absence of Sensei Walter.

Papua New Guinea Kyokushin Karate has confirmed that grading will continue as scheduled earlier this year. Last week, Sempai Samson Benroy announced a possible deferring of the grading due to the unavailability of Sensei Walter Schnaubelt. However, he confirmed yesterday that grading will continue as scheduled.

The grading will take place at the Wally’s Bar and Grill at Magila Street, 6 Mile and will begin a 9am this Saturday (10 March). The two hour event will see the karate students tested according to their knowledge and mastery of techniques as well as kata (forms) and kumite (light sparring). The last grading was held in December 2009 which saw several students’ progress from white (10th kyu) to blue and yellow belts respectively.

Students have been advised to arrive at 8am to prepare for the grading and to confirm if they are eligible for grading. The grading will be conducted by Sempai Samson Benroy and Sempai Silas Piskaut if Sensei Walter is unavailable.

The general public is welcome to attend and observe the grading.

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