Kyokushin students receive certificates

The students who were present to receive their certificates
The students who were present to receive their certificates

Students from the Mas. Oyama Kyokushin Karate Association (MOKKA) who went through the first grading for 2012 on March 10 received their certificates yesterday from their instructor Sempai Samson Benroy.

Sempai Benroy, while handing out the certificates, congratulated the students on passing their grading and also warned the students not to allow others to use their certificates. Only six students were present to receive their certificates.

Benroy said the certificates were something personal and represented the hard work and achievement of an individual. He said an incident in the past where a student allowed his friend to fraudulently use his certificate to obtain work as a bodyguard prompted such warnings. The fraud was finally uncovered and the student’s membership was terminated and his ranking revoked while his friend was also fired. He also advised the students to take good care of their certificates.

The certificates that the students received was internationally recognized by the main Kyokushinkaikan organization in Japan. This allows the students grading to be recognized in any dojo anywhere in the world that is part of its international body.

The grading which took place on March 10 saw 13 students including 3 minors go through a grueling 3 hour exam.

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