Kickboxers need financial assistance

Stanley Nandex

Papua New Guinean kickboxers selected for the World Championships in July are in desperate need of financial assistance to meet their costs.

According to reports in The National, the kickboxers have been tasked to raise K3000 each for the trip while the Papua New Guinea Kickboxing Association (PNGKBA) will subsidise each fighter with K2000.

The funds raised will be used to meet travel expenses including accommodation and training expenses.

Former world champion and kickboxing legend Stanley “The Headhunter” Nandex said the chances of our team’s success in Croatia would be increased with the number of fighters sent. He also said that kickboxing was a sport that the country has had major success on the internal level.

He added that the fighters will be representing the country and needed all the support they could get.

The World Kickboxing Championships will be held in July in Croatia and a 24 man squad has been selected to represent the country. The selections were done during the 12th National Kickboxing Titles on the 8 and 9 of March.

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