Shaolin Chin Sun Wushu school open for business

PNG Shaolin Chin Wushu students
One fighter blocks his opponent’s back-fist strike during a training sparring match at the PNG Shaolin Kung Fu school in Port Moresby. Photograph by Andrew Molen.

For those interested in learning Chinese martial arts, the PNG Shaolin Chin Sun Wushu Kung Fu school is open for business.

The school teaches self-defense, promotes health and fitness, and discipline. It helps the practitioner to conquer life’s problems physically, mentally and spiritually.

According to the schools promotional poster, the students will learn Lohan and Wushu forms, weapons forms and Tai Chi, and also learn the five animal styles and actual combat techniques.

For further information, interested persons can contact Sifu Stephen Ngandang on (+675) 721 64608 or Andrew Molen (+675) 725 82501.

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Bernard Sinai

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Bernard is a student of Kyokushin Karate and a blogger. He believes martial arts has the potential to change people for the better.
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