Caritas Taekwondo Girls Get Graded

Sir John Dawanincura
PNG Taekwondo Federation President Sir John Dawanincura was present during the ceremony.

6 students from the Caritas Technical Secondary School in Port Moresby attained their Taekwondo belts in various divisions after a month of training. The event was celebrated yesterday with the students and their South Korean masters demonstrating the techniques they have learnt.

The South Korean masters Kim-hyo Dong, Park-rae Geun, Bae-dea Sang and senior Kim-yong Whi are members of the World Taekwondo Peace Corps which has been running the program for a few years now with the support of the South Korean government through its embassy in the country.

The masters, whilst being awarded with certificates of appreciation, were grateful to the school for giving them the opportunity to share their skills and knowledge.

The event was attended by South Korean dignitaries, Papua New Guinea (PNG) Taekwondo Federation President, Sir John Dawanincura, and the staff and students of the school.

Sir John commended the South Korean government for their help and students for their efforts. He also said he would help the school find a better avenue for such an event in the future.

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