6 Free Ways of Promoting your Martial Arts Club

Sempai Samson taking the Kids' Kyokushin class
Promoting your martial arts club does not have to be expensive.

Trying to promote your club can be expensive if you use the traditional method like posters and advertisements in the newspapers. Here are 6 ways of promoting your club freely.

Socialize you Club

Create accounts for your club on freely available social networks like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, MySpace etc. The vast majority of this generation are on these sites and having an account means that sooner or later it will come to their attention.

Join the Bloggersphere

Blog about your club on the many freely available blogging website and ensure to have updated content. Some free blog sites include WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal and many others.

Put it in the News

Sending in news articles about your club is a good way to get attention without having to buy advertising space.

Send out Newsletters

Send out weekly or monthly newsletters to your contacts and ask them to forward it along to friends.

Use your Friends

Use your friends to spread the word about your club. Ask them to tell their friends.

Put on a Show

Putting on demonstrations and shows are a great way to gather attention. Not only does it interest them but also showcases the skills and practicality of joining your club.

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