Kyokushin classes to start in February

Sempai Samson, Jude and Sempai Sailas
Sempai Samson, Jude and Sempai Sailas in the old dojo in Boroko.

Papua New Guinea Mas. Oyama Kyokushin Karate Association (PNGMOKKA) will start training in February. According to Sempai Silas Piskaut, training for this year will start on February 6 and end in December.

PNGMOKKA is the only internationally recognized Kyokushin organisation in the country and is headed by Branch Chief and SOS Director, Sensei Walter Schnaubelt. The club is affiliated to International Karate Organisation Kyokushin-kaikan (IKOK) in Japan.

In a Facebook message to the author, Piskaut also mentioned a grading to be held in the 10th of March. The grading will consist of a test of the basic techniques (kihon), forms (kata) and sparring (kumité) and may see the promotion of several students who have recently joined the club.

Training will be held at the MOKKA Dojo which is located in the new Wally’s Bar and Grill at 6 Mile, opposite IBS, formerly Magila Motel. Training schedules are Monday to Wednesday from 6pm to 7:30pm for adults (12 years and above). Kids’ (6 – 10 year olds) classes are from 4pm to 5pm. Adult circuit classes will be held on Saturdays from 8am – 9am.

The fees are K7 per class per person or K936 for full annual membership which includes a dogi (karate uniform). Drop offs will be provided for adults.

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