Boxing AGM Dates not Altered

A claim by National Capital District Amateur Boxing Association (NCDABA) President Honk Kiap that dates for the PNG Amateur Boxing Union (PNGABU) Annual General Meeting was altered has been disproven.

Kiap, who was nominated to contest the Presidential seat, claims that John Avira changed the dates two days earlier and as a result he missed the AGM.

According to reports in the Sunday Chronicle, documents obtained by the newspaper including an invitation to the PNG Sport Federation General Secretary and copied to the Oceania Boxing Confederation (OBC) President clearly indicate the scheduled date for the AGM was Thursday 1st of December 2011. The letter was dated 16 November 2011 and was sent by then PNGABU President John Avira.

The letter also mentions that the national championships would be held from December 1 to 5.

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  • Concerned Citizen

    Please can some give me contact details of the PNGABU (Lohial) or John Avira tried searching in the telephone directory but nothing.

  • We do not have the direct contacts for Mr. Avira or Mr Lohial. However we can supply you with the contact for PNG Amateur Boxing Union (PNGABU).

    PNG Amateur Boxing Union

    P.O. Box 676
    Port Moresby
    Papua New Guinea

    Email :
    Phone : +675 685 41 31
    Fax : +675 323 36 53

    We hope this helps.

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