Sam Basil; PNG Warrior, MP

Sam Basil is now fighting corruption without compromise.
Sam Basil is now fighting corruption without compromise.

Our warrior in this post is first term politician, Bulolo MP and the newly appointed Minister for National Planning, Hon. Samuel H. Basil (Sam Basil for short) who stepped out from the Taekwondo ring into the crazy world of business and now into the harsh political ring. He is an accomplished martial artist having attained a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo and a Grey Belt in the art of Yun Jung Do.

Back 1995 he went off to Tahiti to compete in the South Pacific Games in Taekwondo and returned home proud with a bronze medal in the heavy weight division despite not fighting in his original weight division; later that year he competed in the South Pacific Taekwondo Championships in Fiji and won a silver medal in the middle weight division.

Unfortunately, a year later he had to put martial arts on hold so he could concentrate on running his business. In 2007 he entered into politics and won the mandate of the people of Bulolo in Morobe but was in the opposition until August this year when the change of government saw him offered a ministerial portfolio.

Staying true to the Taekwondo oath of championing freedom and justice and the YJD oath of never compromising with injustice, Mr Basil is the people’s champion against corruption in the political arena.

His outspoken criticism against corruption especially by politicians in the former government has irked a lot of people, some even issuing threats against him and his family. The most publicized of which was made by former Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare on the floor of parliament in July 2010.

Despite all this, Mr. Basil has proven that he will not back down; taking on political heavyweights head on much like he did in his days as a Taekwondo fighter.

We salute you, Sam Basil, as a true Papua New Guinea Warrior!

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